Compliance Page

GinareConsulting has a brand specifically created to support health and social care services who require assistance with compliance issues.

Our SIT (Service Improvement Team) work with other professionals to bring the best solutions to the challenges that providers face in respect of matters of quality improvement and/or compliance issues, to include (but not limited to):


  1. Ongoing quality management, including the production of annual quality reports
  2. Chairing annual governance meetings, via zoom, to offer an independent oversight to your quality and compliance approaches
  3. Assistance with creating and implementing improvement plans where issues have been raised by Ofsted or CQC
  4. Working with managers to identify how to best improve any deficits identified, for example through inspection or on the back of an issue, such as a safety issue or complaint
  5. Signposting providers to appropriate legal support to assist in tribunal appeals and working with the lawyers and barristers to manage any legal challenges you have in respect of compliance


If you would like more information on how we can assist your service in quality or compliance improvement matters, then we offer a no-obligation 30 minute consultation (by appointment only) and you can simply email to register your interest.

Alternatively for urgent quality and compliance matters, call 0207 096 0761